GDPR: The countdown has started


Data breaches. Hacking. Cyber crime, the sheer mention of these words likely sends chills down your spine.

How secure is your network?

May 2018 sees in the new E.U. regulations for ensuring all personal and sensitive data held within your company is handled securely and with fines up to 20 million Euro for breaches, just one incident could potentially put you out of business.  Are you GDPR ready?

Do you take information home to work on? If so is your laptop or USB drive encrypted? Do you back up your data regularly? Who has access to sensitive data in your company? How secure is your email and how do you train your staff to be aware of the latest dangers from a cyber threat?

Identity theft accounted for 64% of data breaches in 2016 with 9% of attacks originating from inside the organisation.

IDC predicts that by 2020, data breaches will affect nearly 25% of the world’s population.  As from May 2018 the responsibility for your data lies firmly in your lap.  NCI can help you understand the threats and how to mitigate the risks of loss or misuse.

GDPR applies to any company, inside or outside the E.U., that offers goods and services to European citizens. It’s highly likely your organization must comply with GDPR now and after Brexit.

Anti-virus helps keep the bad stuff out, data loss prevention keeps the good stuff in.

GDPR takes effect May 25th 2018, The countdown to comply has started.

Don’t risk your business reputation, talk to the experts, talk to NCI.