According to the ‘Art of Manliness, there are 12 tools everyone should have in their tool box. Ranging from a flathead screwdriver to a cordless drill, they should be high quality, you should learn how to use them, and collect and get to know them one at a time.

The same would be great advice for digital marketing. So what should they be?

1. Website: If your website is not up to scratch, any marketing money you spend is wasted. Tools 2 and 3 help you sort it out.

2. Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): Whether your site is designed to bring in email addresses, phone calls or sales, a CRO review makes sure nothing gets in the way.

3. User Experience (UX): Visitors quickly leave a site that is boring, ugly or confusing to use. Our clients have found a few simple adjustments can quickly bring in more business.

4. Google Analytics: Setting up goals and event tracking, and understanding which metrics really matter will help you learn and improve your site’s behaviour.

5. Email Marketing: From “nursery” programmes for sign-ups to cart abandonment, email plays a vital role in digital marketing.

6. SEO: A review of your keywords, structure, tags, images, speed and links can suggest changes will that will push your page up search engine results, before you spend a penny on advertising.

7. Google Adwords: Pay per click (PPC) search and display ads are essential for any business in a crowded market. Understanding which goals, ad types and configuration is right for you is key.

8. Paid Social Ads: As organic posts from businesses become far less visible, paid advertising on Facebook and other Social Media is a must. Professionally designed, carefully targeted, tested, well-managed campaigns will dramatically push your business forward.

9. Retargeting and Remarketing: Available on Google, Facebook and elsewhere, these campaigns make sure your ads appear in front of people who have already
showed interest in your business. An important step in closing sales online.

10. Landing Pages: Where do ads take your customers? Your Home Page? Whether you’re driving sign ups, phone calls or sales – a trackable, well designed landing page will help achieve your goals.

11. Blog: Well-written, compelling copy can have a dramatic impact on converting readers into customers, as well as improving SEO.

12. Plan: Save money and make the most of each channel with a holistic plan that considers all your activities. This is similar to how forex works as you can see from this forex trading website
No matter how many tools you’ve got, or how well you’re using them, professional support can make a real difference. Get in touch and we’ll have a good look at your campaigns and see what we can do to make sure they bring you more business, fast.

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