Advances in technology and higher customer expectations are changing the way companies of all sizes consider their print collateral, and the type of printing service they choose.

As printer to Armani, Rolex, St Austell Brewery and the Eden Project amongst others, Nationwide Print know this better than most.

The award-winning St Austell firm has an ongoing programme of investment in machinery, staff and digital systems, helping the team to keep pace with industry developments and customer expectations.

As a result, Nationwide has not only survived tough times for the print sector but flourished, becoming an industry-leading SME; a useful resource for Cornish businesses looking to turn heads with print.

MD Julian Hocking gives us his top tips for procuring print collateral:

  • Quality, not quantity

People expect high quality printed material in all contexts these days. Even if a job is small – less than a hundred menus for a pub for example – get it done professionally using short-run digital printing technology.

  • Brand Management

Companies with multiple sites, or multiple staff ordering print jobs, would benefit from using a printer with a good online Marketing Asset Management System. These systems help maintain brand consistency and ensure budgets are adhered to, whilst offering a quick and easy platform for commissioning print jobs.

  • Experiment and be bold

Ask your printer about new finishes and techniques to help your marketing material stand out from the crowd. There are some exciting options out there which are becoming more and more affordable.

  • Consider the environment

The right choice of printer can help you have a positive impact on the environment, and allow you to meet your own sustainability targets. Forest Stewardship Council certification is one thing to look for, but it’s worth asking what other environmental measures are in place.

  • Work with people who solve problems, not create them

Printing services should be creative, flexible, and reliable. Working with a local business can help, especially on jobs with a quick turn-around; meeting face to face and direct deliveries save time and hassle.



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