How you present your business is important and signage plays a huge part in this, says Parc Signs director, Karen Barnett. It’s that all important first impression. It’s there all the time, so getting it right is essential.

Often signage is the last part of the branding puzzle; whether you’re a plumber with a van, a new business about to launch or an existing business undergoing a brand refresh. It’s usually at this point when all those other expenses that have come before have mounted up, that the signage can be a last minute thought, a ‘that will do’ – but it shouldn’t be!

We don’t expect our clients to have a full understanding of the sign industry and what’s possible to create. That’s our job, to work with you individually and show the
possibilities, there’s so much more beyond prints on panels.

The range of production processes and materials is huge and we have many in-house facilities with a wide choice of both printing and manufacturing options. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach so a good starting point is to have a good look at how other businesses use signage in order to see what you do (and don’t) like. Our website also has examples and case studies to look at. What stands out to you and why? Which businesses do you think have presented themselves in a positive way. What materials do you like?

Clients often ask us ‘how much does a sign cost?’ There is no set answer to that. It’s good if you can set a budget to allow us to work with you to create the most effective solution. Don’t think that to create the ‘wow’ factor will break the bank either. For example, a full vehicle wrap is striking but a partial wrap can be just as effective. Also remember to keep content simple on vehicles, no-one will read a full list of every single service listed. With signage we can create a very high end scheme with stainless steel or gold leaf, but we can also offer simple effects such as picking out areas of print with spot lacquers.

Your end point should always be thinking about what your signage says about you as a business and how it makes you stand out. Our brand message is ‘Make the right impression’ that’s exactly what we do for our clients and it should be what you want for your business too.


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