The Masked Ball has grown hugely since it started. The Biannual event features a vast range of artists and themed venues that attracts a huge number of both local party-goers and those from allover.

The Halloween Ball, staged at Flambards, Helston,  has become the largest of its kind in Europe and will feature new venues, hidden arenas and stage shows that will shock even the most seasoned of all-night hedonists.

Business Cornwall spoke to Masked Ball director and events manager, Kelvin Batt to find out what it’s like to be part of event of this scale.

Business Cornwall: Explain what it’s like being the events manager at Masked Ball? How has this developed as the Ball has grown? 

It’s pretty chaotic, but if I’m truthful, as it’s grown it’s got easier, just with the experience you gain as you get further down the line and the team we now have.

Business Cornwall: There’s a lot to think about now the Ball has grown so big; how do you keep on top of it all?

Well, I’m lucky to say we’ve now developed where we have support both in production and administration. I will admit it used to get a bit too much, especially around April time with the food festival and ball happening in close proximity to each other.

Business Cornwall: What has been the main factor(s) in the success of MB? How did you cope with the moments where things weren’t so plain sailing?

The main factor of success is perseverance because there’s been many, many times when it hasn’t been plain sailing and when people around you question why you put yourself through it. But with a positive outlook and knowing where you want to reach you can get there eventually.

Business Cornwall: What would your advice be to anyone looking to put on a large event?

Be prepared to take a lot of knocks and make sure you have big shoulders.hmb3

Business Cornwall: How is the Ball itself evolving? And, what does the future hold for the Ball?

We are in a good place now so we are really excited about the future. We have a new format for May which we will announce after Halloween. At the moment we are focusing on keeping the ticket price affordable as in our eyes it seems festival ticket prices are spiralling out of control all over the country.

Business Cornwall: Do you get involved with the partying yourself?

Not so much in the past but in the last couple of years I’ve definitely been dipping my toe in and out. The last ball was a highlight for me, again because of the team and being our 10 year anniversary. We had a few….