Ward Williams Associates talk to Business Cornwall about ‘The Future of the Built Environment’

Ward Williams Associates (WWA) is one of the largest construction consultancies in the South West and has been operating for over forty years. With its head office in Truro since inception, WWA is proud to employ over 70 staff across five UK offices, which also includes; Plymouth, Exeter, Gloucester and London.

WWA provide a range of professional services for clients across all sectors of the industry, including; cost and project management, building surveying, health and safety and sustainability advice.

As a business WWA have incorporated sustainability as a key value driver, in our operations, services, training, workforce and influence on the projects we work on.

Over the last 18 months, WWA has taken this a step further and created Integrated Ward Williams Associates (iWWA).  iWWA has been established to focus on developing ‘Smart and Sustainable’ projects and programmes for Clients across all sectors.

The planning for these services has been from two angles; the sustainable focus of our work to date, along with the emerging opportunities available through the introduction of new technologies and services which we are able to embed in the planning of projects to maximise client benefits in construction and operation of their schemes.

iWWA is a national-first in having a dedicated strategic-level resource to help Clients in the public, private and third sectors develop truly sustainable projects through opportunities afforded by new technologies and the creative planning and design of their schemes.

The development sector, our core business, is particularly relevant for Smart-sector opportunities, as it will start to realise significant financial, environmental and social opportunities for Clients and communities.

iWWA have developed a ‘Smart Communities’ model, whereby we support the move from ‘Green Buildings to Smart Communities’. With a range of opportunities and services, we can support projects to ensure they are highly sustainable whilst being financially viable. We see the two as being interrelated and not mutually exclusive.

As a leading consultancy we have been recognised as the current ‘Best Managed Large Business’ by Cornwall Sustainability Awards.

Our approach is to help businesses with their ambitions to be more sustainable in their work whilst making their business more profitable. We cover all stages from inception to completion, which we breakdown as:

  • Review & Strategy
  • Delivery
  • Product

Review and Strategy:

Low Carbon Review – helping Clients set out how they can deliver their sustainability programmes through:

  • Demanding 2020 Carbon targets and Extended 2030 Carbon targets
  • Strategy / Delivery to ensure
    • Carbon targets are met (no penalties)
    • Costs minimised
    • Revenue generation maximised
    • Future-proof energy costs
    • Enable growth based on changing markets and customer requirements
      • Supporting organisations within the private, public and third sectors
      • Commercial Energy Performance Certificates to achieve regulatory compliance


Our WWA and iWWA Project and Programme Management Services:

  • Expertise to facilitate and deliver the recommended actions.
  • Project and Programme Management
  • BREEAM services
  • Cost Management
  • Procurement
  • Turnkey services to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the standards expected to support the growth of your business


Product – Solar Canopy with Electric Vehicle Charge Points

Part of the solution to the Low Carbon requirements and future-proofing your business:

This cutting edge product has been developed to support businesses of all sizes to realise the environmental and financial benefits that can be derived from enhancing their infrastructure to support an electric vehicle fleet.  The scheme is being delivered in partnership with SSE and ChargePoint Services, both National leaders in energy infrastructure and Electric Vehicle Charge Point services.

Benefits of the Solar Canopies will include:

  • 18 tonnes of carbon saved for each 20kW system
  • Revenue generation from Generation Tariff
  • £1,000 annual savings from self-consumption
  • Advertising revenues (dependant on Client / location)
  • Integrated Electric Vehicle Charge Points
  • Partnerships with leading national service provider, the Chargepoint Genie
  • Installed and maintained by our partners SSE
  • Potential to embed storage and revenue generation from National Grid revenue streams
  • Finance options