The Creative Tribe

You’re dozing off…then it comes to you, a line that would fit perfectly well in an ad campaign you’ve been working on. It’s 2am, you should go back to sleep…but you might forget. So you get up and write it down or even get your computer out and start typing away.

You’re in the supermarket and something catches your eye…that vegetable, the colour of it! That’s the colour you need for the re-brand. It would work beautifully on the new logo you’re designing. It’s perfect. You buy it and leave the store.

You’re on a date, it’s going well. Your ‘date’ is wondering why you’ve suddenly got a glazed expression but it’s too late. The song that just played gave you an idea for the film you’re producing. You start writing it down. The other person thinks you’re a little weird.

Welcome to the life of a creative.

Constantly on the look out for new ideas, open to inspiration, subconsciously taking in information 24/7 and acutely aware of all things inspiring.

We get it a lot at Idenna: ‘That’s a great idea!’ ‘How did you come up with that?’ ‘That’s so innovative.’ ‘When did you think that up?’ (probably on last night’s date).

As a team of creatives, we pride ourselves in having great ideas and thinking outside the box. We’ve achieved amazing results for our clients over the years and we all love what we do, but it can have its quirky consequences. A creative mind cannot be shut down. This is a wonderful thing but it can also seem a little odd if you’re not that way inclined (all of the scenarios mentioned above have actually happened). It’s not a nine till five whereby you leave the office and switch off. Most of our ideas come to us when we’re going about our daily business: taking a walk, doing the shopping, eating dinner, waiting for a wave.

We’re particularly fortunate at Idenna to have a real mix within our creative tribe. Not only does the whole team have this innovative thinking ability and passion, but, they’ve been handpicked to cover all kinds of thinkers: strategic, lateral, convergent and so on.

We put just as much importance on finding a mix of skills and characters as we do creative minds. And it works! Between us, we come up with ideas and make those ideas a film, a social media or PR campaign, a TV or radio ad, a re-brand or a new website.

This is probably one of the biggest benefits of having a Creative Agency. You don’t need to think 24/7 about how to increase your sales and attract more customers, you’ve got a whole team doing it for you and making it happen.