Natural Generation celebrates its tenth birthday this year with a new dedicated maintenance division to work alongside the installs teams. The company continues to work with businesses (and homes) to help them save money on their bills and reduce their CO2 emissions.

Natural Generation has designed and installed hundreds of systems to suit customer’s specific needs and our maintenance division means you’ll know you are in safe hands for the long run.

If your business has high energy bills then solar PV and other forms of renewable energy systems make perfect economic sense as an investment (even without any tariff subsidy).

As an example, if your electricity bill is £10k per year and you are on a 15p per kw rate and you have the capacity to install a 20kw PV system it will generate around 21500kwhrs (and generally more subject to conditions). This potentially saves up to £3,250 off your energy bill and currently generates income from tariffs of around £950.

That’s a combined saving of £4,200 per annum, (the tariffs are guaranteed for 20 years).

Electricity costs from the grid will only continue to increase. In this scenario if you are using 100% of the electricity your system will generate the payback time on your investment can be as little as five years in real terms and the investment can be subject to tax relief.

You will also have the added benefit of reducing your CO2 emissions by around 11 tonnes a year – 220 tonnes over 20 years which is a significant reduction.

Every other capital investment you make will continue to cost you money why not invest in something that will generate and continue to generate real savings for 20 years and more?

At Natural Generation we design systems that suit each individual situation, systems that make the most of your available capital investment, that match the energy needs of your business and make best use of the area available for installation.

We will be with you throughout the process and from start to finish and be there afterwards to honour our installation guarantees and warranties.

In addition to that, as with all investments, your purchase will need maintenance. Our maintenance division have a range of packages including remote monitoring to ensure your system is generating efficiently at all times.

Find us at the Cornwall Business Fair on stand 85 or give us a call if you want to chat more.

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