Business Name: Blue Flame (Cornwall) Ltd

Office Location: Penryn, Cornwall

When was the business founded?

The business was founded in 1988 by two, of our three, current directors, Paul Smith and Mark Bolitho with Simon Foxhall joining in 2011.

How many employees?

We currently employ 104 staff in a variety of roles within the company. These include: Heating Engineers, Electricians, Builders, Technicians, Surveyors, Admin and Support Staff as well as a senior management team and the Board of directors.

Blue Flame and Coastline Housing. 24/04/07. Photographer: Sophia Milligan.
Blue Flame and Coastline Housing. 24/04/07. Photographer: Sophia Milligan.

How the business is best described:

Blue Flame provides a variety of heating and electrical solutions for both domestic and commercial properties across Cornwall. This includes Servicing and on-going maintenance, responsive repairs and installations. The team are experienced in all fuel types: Gas, Oil, Solid Fuel, Electrical, Plumbing and Renewable Technologies. BF provide services for both small, and large businesses, as well as private home-owners, landlords, letting agents, holiday letting agents and social housing organisations. We offer a “turnkey” solution in respect of heating projects.

Why was the business founded?

The founding directors saw that there was a need for a local, customer focused, friendly and reliable service provider. There appeared to be a lack of competing businesses who offered “personalised” solutions for local customers and no local service provider, in competition with national companies, offering affordable annual maintenance contracts.

How does the business compare to competitors in the industry?

We pride ourselves on being able to give any customer a complete heating solution. Given the businesses size, we feel we have the scale to react faster than our competitors to emergency situations and give all day, and all year, rapid response. Our maintenance plan range offers customers an alternative to national companies. Our size allows be extremely competitive. Our apprenticeship programmes offer local people employment opportunities and has been nationally acclaimed.

What are the business’s plans both short-term and long-term?

In the short term, we would like to continue the growth of the business. We have new services and offerings coming over the next year.  We also want to fully utilise our new operational working hour (we are available 24/7, 365 days a year) to continue providing on-going support to each of our customers.

Longer term, we would like to expand the business further, exploring other markets within Cornwall. We will also be further developing our apprenticeship and training academy in partnership with Cornwall College. It is our hope that we can increase employment opportunities further in Cornwall. We would also like to undertake more of our Community Support projects and hope more people will contact us in helping deliver services that impact on mitigating fuel poverty.

How does the business define success?

Success for us takes many forms; exceeding customer expectation comes first. Also, improving the (health and financial) wellbeing of customers would bring success. We all deserve warm, affordable heating solutions, don’t we? Success would also mean our existing staff maintains a high level of satisfaction in working for us as happy staff means happy customers. Success would also mean and expanded work force and apprenticeship programme. Our apprentices gain life skills, not just occupational, and that means a lot to us. Success would also mean that we’re providing heating solutions for the County of Cornwall for another 27 years!

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