Are your business telecoms losing you business? Merlin Telecommunications Ltd asks whether you’re making the most of the roll-out of superfast broadband across Cornwall.

Are you struggling with an outdated telephone system that can’t keep pace with your business?

Have you ever stopped to think about what sort of experience your clients or prospective clients have when they ring your company? Do they get through quickly and are they dealt with efficiently and professionally? Or does it take a while to get through, often met with an engaged tone or, worse still, ringing for ages unanswered?

Effective communications is a business essential, and often it’s easy to miss out on the latest technological developments which can make significant improvements to business efficiency and revenue.

We are always shocked to find that so many businesses don’t have the right capacity in place to deal with their calls. With many businesses missing over 20% of calls, this means unhappy clients and potential lost revenue. Where are those missing calls going? Your competitor maybe?

Hosted Telecoms

“Hosted”, or “cloud” telephony replaces traditional systems. Calls over a hosted system work by breaking down our speech and transposing segments of voice into small IP ‘ data packets’, which are then transported over the internet. You simply need a broadband connection and some IP phones and the system is in place.

Hosted phone systems have been in existence for over 20 years and with the recent roll out of high speed broadband across the UK there has been an explosion in demand for these products. The Superfast Cornwall project has confirmed that Cornwall has received the largest deployment of ultrafast fibre to the premises (FTTP) with a staggering 90% of premises now able to connect.

Myths surrounding hosted telephony have been quashed. Superb call quality is achieved by using tier one carriers. Any telephone system is hackable, but having the right security in place will ensure that any exposure to hacking is minimal. Hosted systems are not just sophisticated systems for large enterprises, being so versatile and scalable, it makes a very powerful option for even the tiniest of companies. Low start up costs and the ability to add extensions and services effortlessly makes for a very attractive solution for any size business.

Real Business Benefits

Top four benefits are:-
1. Unrivalled features
2. Knowledge
3. Flexibility
4. Cost Savings and increased business

Unrivalled Features

The features are simply far more flexible than that of a traditional phone system. Favourite features are:-

● IVR’s or Auto Attendant

Using an auto attendant means that calls can be routed through to the correct extension, department or voicemail more quickly. You can welcome your callers with a recorded greeting, filter and manage the call flow, thus providing a better experience for your clients. .

● Call Queues

This is really a virtual waiting room for inbound callers, allowing you to dictate the on-hold experience whilst efficiently managing call volumes.

This feature offers your callers the option of remaining on the phone while they wait for a representative to answer. Call queues help businesses manage large call volumes with limited staff, a bottom-line efficiency that practises will appreciate.

Play music on hold, or play on an hold marketing message, such as, special promotions or advising clients of all your services and product ranges, whilst they are a captive audience.

● CTI – Computer Telephony Integration

Interaction between computers and a telephone system is a brilliant time saving function.

“Click to dial” takes detail from your PMS or CRM and pops a screen onto your monitor dialling the number directly. Conversely, inbound calls do the same, so you can greet your client by name which gives a professional and personal touch. You can enter call notes immediately so your records are updated.

● Call Recording

A great help, used to prove a point or just to catch up on something you missed or have forgotten. An added benefit is staff training and appraisals. Are your staff working as true ambassadors for your firm or alienating potential clients because of their delivery and attitude?

● Voicemail to e-mail

Sending a WAV file to your e-mail with the voicemail is a great function and means you can access the recording wherever you are.

● Business Continuity

Disasters happen and having a fail safe solution in place should be a key part of your disaster recovery plan. Knowing that calls will be automatically diverted to other phones will put your mind at rest.


Built in call reporting will give you real power using the metrics behind your business, allowing you to know exactly what is going on daily. Monitoring staff performance and call volume for instance.


Interclinic connectivity means your entire phone system across your business works as one with free internal calls, whether within a building or across sites.

Cost Savings and increased business

● No PBX in your office to install or maintain
● Cheaper call costs
● No additional fees for adding or moving phone lines
● Free support on the system
● Free upgrades as they become available

Fewer missed calls due to the outstanding functionality of the system, giving you more flexibility and capacity to answer more calls and therefore, boost your profit.

Taking full advantage of fibre broadband and installing a hosted system could simply the smartest action you can take to future proof your business and avoid being confined by outdated and costly technology.

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