More and more homes and businesses are turning to Westcountry renewables experts Natural Generation for help with their home and business energy needs.

Despite changes to feed in tariffs installing renewable technologies in your home or business premises still makes sense. Depending on the amount of energy you use yourself you can expect to see returns of up to 10% for domestic and up to 15% for commercial installs… and they add value to your property.

“We are passionate about renewables and we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Our spring offer gives customers free monitoring kit so they can see the benefits for themselves.” Ivor Thomson, Managing Director, Natural Generation

As well as new installs, Natural Generation, who celebrate 10 years in the business this year, provide a full energy advice service, provide maintenance services and, launching this year, offer energy storage solutions.

“Storing energy that you generate makes complete sense – store it while the sun shines or the wind blows ready for use at a later time. It’s another way of making your renewables work harder for you and helps reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint even more.”

Natural Generation will be selling Samsung, Wattstor, Tesla and SMA storage solutions, suitable for commercial and domestic use.

“Storage, along with regular service and maintenance, is another smart way of making renewables for homes and businesses more efficient. Our team of engineers are ready to answer any questions people might have and customers are welcome to give them a call anytime.

We love service and maintenance and are committed to providing a full range services to help you look after your renewable energy system.”  Ivor

Natural Generation’s NG HomeSure service plans provide full peace of mind for homeowners and their families. There are packages for Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Commercial and Domestic Biomass, Commercial and Domestic Solar PV, Solar Thermal and Turbines all designed to keep systems safe and efficient.

“The domestic annual plans offer a better deal than call outs and offer you peace of mind for you and your family.” Ivor

For larger installs Natural Generation’s team of commercial O&M technicians are on hand looking after systems including turbines and solar arrays across the UK.  Even if they didn’t install your system they can still provide O&M, just give them a call to chat over options.

“We are frequently getting calls from people looking for support for their systems – ones that we haven’t installed. Our technicians can help people even if we didn’t do the initial install. Homes and businesses alike can trust our experienced team of technicians to provide all the support they need to ensure years of efficient and economical green energy generation.” Ivor

To find out how Natural Generation can help you with your renewable install or help maintain a system you already have call 01872 571700 or visit