Avant-garde technology at Headland


Here at the Headland we understand the importance of a fast and fluid network to our customers and have spent time and money investing in the most up to date systems available for a hotel of our size.Headland reflected 005

Being built in the Victorian era, the building itself provided its own challenges when looking to overhaul our wireless network. Thick walls, mazes of corridors and four floors all made the upgrades challenging.

Now following this huge investment, we can boast a fully functioning AirTight wifi network and superfast broadband which permeates the hotel and the common areas allowing both guests and business clients to remain fully connected whilst enjoying their time here.

The network offers a sophisticated management system, with social networks and data capture forms all built within the login procedure allowing us to target and tailor our homepage to best suit the needs of the user.

It also boasts the safest connection on the planet, with AirTight’s patented 802.11ac wireless intrusion prevention safeguarding the information and security of our guests.

We’re proud to say also that the technological upgrades have not been reserved just for the hotel, but also the 39 self-catering cottages within our grounds have seen their connectivity brought in line. We can offer our guests full wifi access throughout the properties, despite the thick Cornish stone walls.

The Headland has not stopped there however when it comes to being at the forefront of modern technology, and the newly installed ‘Surfcam’ system is testament to that.

It’s a Swiss webcam system, which has been successfully used in exclusive and popular venues in Switzerland, France, Germany and Norway in recent years. We are the first installation in the UK.

Since its installation, just three months ago, this webcam has already received over 13,000 hits, a number which is growing continually.

Here are a few of the Livecams highlights:

  1. It is a panoramic photograph taken from a high point on our hotel. 
  2. The photographs are of stunning quality and clarity, quite unlike any other system, and in a different league to CCTV. The photos are instantly loaded onto the internet.
  3. Livecam shows the view in real time: the photograph is re-shot every 10 minutes.
  4. The browser’s computer screen pans through the photograph so it resembles a moving camera.
  5. The internet browser can halt the movement of the scan; zoom in and out.
  6. We will have the facility to feature ‘best shots’ from our archive of great summer and winter days.

Here at The Headland we aim to continue to invest in technology, to surpass our guest’s expectations and to enable us to remain a venue at the forefront for business.

It will remain an ongoing concern, for as long as technology continues to develop around us.