Guest blog: Email marketing


Alexandria Allsop, Marketing Executive at MailAway, shares with Business Cornwall six reasons to use email marketing for your business.

Utilised across industries by businesses of all sizes, email stands as one of the most effective marketing channels at our disposal.

We help our clients to make the most of email, sending great looking campaigns that convert on our easy to use, self-service platform.

If you’re not already a seasoned email veteran, or you’d like to get more from your efforts, read on for six of the best reasons to use email marketing.

  1. It’s cost effective

Email marketing consistently remains one of the best channels for ROI, second only to SEO.

It’s also an inexpensive way of reaching a large number of consumers at once, whether they’re your biggest spenders or they’re just getting to know your brand.

  1. Reach a captive audience

Those who have ‘opted in’ to your database have joined it because they’re interested in what you do. Email allows you to target consumers that are already receptive to your brand message.

They’ve signed up because they want to hear from you. Now it’s just a case of sending them the right message.

  1. Getting personal

More than just putting a name in your subject line, personalisation can be used to create content your subscribers will love.

By splitting your database into segments based on their information (such as gender, location and how regularly they purchase) you can send campaigns that are relevant to them. Just try it and see how your engagement levels improve.

  1. Real-time messages

Email allows you to be reactive with your campaigns, so whether you want to shift extra stock, run a time-sensitive promotion or just touch base with the customer, you can put together a campaign and start seeing the results within the hour.

  1. It’s measurable

Track your progress and see how your campaigns are doing moments after you hit send. The MailAway platform is simple to use and our clients love being able to watch their open and click-through rates climb.

Email marketing lets you see who clicked, what they clicked and how many times they’ve opened your campaigns, presenting you with opportunities to follow up customer conversations and nurture the relationship.

  1. Find what works for you

Because of the measurable nature of the channel, email marketing offers great opportunities to test every campaign, so your approach and your results keep getting better and better.

Our ethos

At MailAway we believe email marketing should be simple, reliable and enjoyable, and when the benefits are this good it’s easy to understand why most businesses are investing more time and budget in the channel.

So if you want to grow your business, start by growing your list of subscribers and see what email can do for you.