Blog: Would you stand for it?


That’s what Cornwall Council is asking in a campaign to encourage people from a variety of backgrounds to stand as a Cornwall Councillor in the May 2013 elections.

Becoming a local councillor isn’t the first thing people think about when local government elections come round. But, for anyone who’s passionate about their community, cares about how the council prioritises services and allocates the budget, and enjoys making decisions which help shape the future for Cornwall, it should be a serious consideration.

Being a councillor is a bit of a juggling act. Elected members not only need to find the balance between work and family (yes, you can be a councillor and still have a job!), but the role of a councillor will require you to be able to keep a number of balls in the air.

The role of a local councillor requires finding a balance between several key responsibilities. You will need to represent the people in your electoral division and act as an advocate for their best interests.

You’ll also have a central role in decision making, in gathering evidence to inform and scrutinise Cabinet decisions and ensuring the democratic process is robust. Add to that a responsibility to the employees of the council and as a corporate parent for all children in local authority care, and it’s clear you’ll need to be able to handle a range of things at once.

So, if you want to serve your local community while relishing the challenge or a multi-functional role, then why not stand for it?

Find out more at You can also register for the councillor fair on January 26 in Truro, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet and hear from existing councillors, the chief executive and the officers who will support you in your role as a Cornwall councillor.