Editor’s blog: Happy New Year!


Whose bright idea was it that January should be the start of the new year? Surely the real start to a new year is September.

I think the Russians had it right, starting the new year at the beginning of September, before they succumbed to the Gregorian line in 1700. The French, too, for a brief period (1793-1805), took September as the beginning of the new year, before becoming a little less revolutionary.

It is not that Britain has always been committed to January. Up until 1752, we celebrated the start of a new year in March.

But for all intents and purposes, September is the start of the year. Back off summer holidays, back to work, there is a feel of renewal (or depression, depending on your natural outlook). A feeling of “take a deep breath, here we go again”.

It is the first full month of the new football and rugby seasons, along with many other sports, while the schools all start their new years in September as well.

September could also prove significant for Cornwall, with the Council’s proposals for the forthcoming Local Enterprise Partnership due to arrive on Whitehall desks.

So, September it is. Happy new year everybody!