Editor’s blog: Television is the winner!


So no knockout punch, no decisive blow landed. After last night’s eagerly-awaited televised extravaganza, everything is still up for grabs and the fight goes on.

Personally I thought Phil Taylor drew on all of his years’ experience at the oche, to see him claw back a 7-4 deficit against Premier League Darts reigning champion James Wade to snatch a point with a 7-7 draw.

The Wade-Taylor match was billed as the big one and it didn’t disappoint, as world champion Taylor struck a 171 in the final leg to set up a double eight for the draw, which he duly took.

The nation had its opportunity to run the rule over the combatants, but is none the wiser as to whom will be celebrating come May time. In a red-hot atmosphere, akin to the House of Commons at the height of the expenses scandal, this was truly a televisual feast. Roll on next Thursday!