Editor’s blog: Every vote counts


Good to see the Government finally acted to help ship some our stranded refugees back to the UK and raise the no-fly zone. Apparently there were worries that hundreds of thousands of Labour voters would be stranded come voting day!

The General Election campaign is hotting up nicely. I haven’t spotted Gordon Brown yet, but the other two hopefuls have been down to Cornwall over the past week.

While Nick Clegg sampled the delights of Redruth, David Cameron was quick to tuck into a Cornish egg in Saltash, or perhaps more accurately the egg was swift to tuck into David Cameron.

The TV debates have certainly helped make this the most fascinating General Election campaign of the past five years. Can Clegg and the Lib Dems maintain their surge all the way to polling day? Or will those who have said “I Will” suddenly get cold feet on May 6?

Personally, I’m just loving the BBC’s Election Seat Calculator. You can see how Labour can be the party with the most amount of seats, but still have the smallest percentage of the vote.

It’s a fun gadget, have a play with it. I’m sure the messrs Brown, Cameron and Clegg have!