Editor’s blog: Cornwall’s Most Annoying!


There have been (dis)honourable mentions for Simon Cowell and Anne Robinson, but finally we can reveal just who is the Cornish business community’s most disliked television personality.

One of the most popular features in Business Cornwall magazine has been The Last Word, and one of the questions we ask that month’s business victim, is who is the ‘most annoying TV personality’.

Going from your answers over the years, it would appear to be a good idea if TV chefs stayed in the kitchen, rather than stray onto the goggle box. Anthony Worrall-Thompson, Gary Rhodes and Ainsley Harriott have all had their detractors.

But none can compete with the ultimate winner (or should that be loser)?

Yes, I can finally reveal that the person Cornish business people cannot abide is… Jonathan Ross! “Makes my teeth” itch, said one particular non-fan.

Personally I quite like Wossy, but a massive 30+% of all Last Words have the former Last Resort host as TV enemy #1.

On a day that the Beeb have announced the axing of two radio stations and cutbacks on its website, it should keep the Corporation happy. Earlier this year Ross announced he was quitting the BBC. It was reported that his last contract, which secured his services for three years up to July 2010, was worth a whopping £18M.