Editor’s blog: taxing issues


Good news this week that the Government intends to make its broadband surcharge law before the next General Election.

For the sake of 50p levy each month on the telephone bill, I believe this is a small price to pay for something that will benefit the whole country’s economy. The Conservatives have already voiced their objections, hence Labour’s intentions to speed the legislation through.

I was a little disappointed, however, with how the BBC chose to illustrate the story on its website – a pic of a little old lady on the telephone – the demographic that critics of the tax say will be unfairly hit most. Not exactly an impartial image to conjure up.

And while on the subject of the Beeb, I was also a little perplexed with their announcement that they are actively seeking to recruit a 50+ year old woman newsreader, in a move designed to deflect charges of ageism at the Corporation.

But surely you cannot get more ageist than that? Whatever happened to the best person getting the job, irrespective of age?

Meanwhile, back here in Cornwall, Ampersand is putting forward alternative proposals for its £250M redevelopment at Carlyon Bay, in a bid to break a deadlock that, I believe, dates back to the Crimea War.

Any attempts to get things moving down there have to be applauded. This is all private money we’re talking about, and will also bring about much needed jobs to the area.

And besides, it has been a carbuncle too long.


  1. Agree with you about the illustration of the story, Nick. When I watched the Digital Britain white paper being announced in Parliament, Ben Bradshaw was at pains to point out that ‘vulnerable people’ would be exempt from the levy. I don’t know exactly who would fall into that category but it seemed to me that there would definitely be exemptions available.

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